Narrative as healing

My migration journey has been a personal transformation, a shift from the comfort of my native land to the unknowns of a new life abroad. It wasn’t just about changing places, but learning to belong in a space where every word and gesture felt foreign. In this country that I now call home, I found that what I had taken for granted in Venezuela concealed unseen challenges. Embracing my new reality was a process made smoother by the warm connections I found. Writing became my lifeline, a way to weave connections and make sense of the nostalgia and hope within me. This project is a reflection of that journey, a collection of experiences I share with you, narrating not just my story, but the odyssey of all those who have had to be reborn far from their roots.

Storytelling, as Byung Chul Han suggests, is the essence that weaves our individual narratives into a collective tapestry. It is through the sharing of our stories that we elevate ourselves, uniting across the diverse threads of our experiences. These stories enrich the passage of time, giving it depth and meaning, while wielding the transformative power to reshape society. This book is my contribution to that collective narrative, a testament to the shared human experience that transcends boundaries and creates a sense of unity.